• NOVEMBER 8, 2016 - MAY 5, 2017
  • On-line donations to provide children in need a pair of sneakers and socks to remain on a path of le, Vero Beach
  • November 8, 2016 to
    May 5, 2017
  • Category: Kids & Family

Event Details

  • November 8, 2016 to
    May 5, 2017
  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • $20 - provides Happy Feet


  • On-line donations to provide children in need a pair of sneakers and socks to remain on a path of le
  • P.O. Box 7046
  • Vero Beach, FL 32961
  • (772) 564-0034
  • http://www.edfoundationirc.org

Event Description

Change a child's life with a new pair of sneakers and socks!

Become a Happy Feet Hero! Help provide “Happy Feet” to a Child in Need! The Education Foundation of Indian River County is pleased announce that we are half way to our goal of providing 1,400 children with “Happy Feet” through our Sneaker Exchange Program. The “Happy Feet” initiative began in 2014 as an effort to increase volunteer and donor investment in the process of expanding program services to children in need. The simple gift of $20 enables a student in need to receive a new pair of socks and sneakers. A gift of $500 would provide sneakers and socks for an entire school. We still need $15,000 to meet our goal of providing sneakers and socks to every child in need during the 2016/2017 school year. Just think about the last time you wore a pair of shoes that were too small or too tight. It was hard to think about anything. Now imagine if you had to focus on learning. Currently 65% of the children enrolled in our schools are economically disadvantaged. This means that their households are struggling to cover the basic needs of food and shelter. Many of these children are wearing shoes that impede their learning. The Sneaker Exchange Program is funded largely through grants from local organizations. The current funding levels are vital to the maintenance of providing 56 exchanges annually to 13 public elementary schools. Some of this funding does support a voucher program to the middle and high schools. However, there are additional needs to expand the secondary program and to support children during the summer school programming. Anyone can get “Happy Feet” by making a $20 donation to the Sneaker Exchange program. A specially designed acknowledgement card is given for every gift of $20. These cards can be used to honor a friend or family member. It’s a great gift giving solution. Making a “Happy Feet” donation is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and bring a warm feeling in your heart and toes. Come on and get “Happy!” You will be changing the life of a child by giving them “Happy Feet” towards a brighter academic tomorrow. Visit our website at www.edfoundationirc.org and click on the “Happy Feet” logo on the right hand side of the homepage or call us at (772)564-0034 to be a “Happy Feet Hero”. You can also email us at director@edfoundationirc.org.

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