Joe Lenartiene en Amateur Radio Field Day <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>Amateur radio Operators along the Treasure Coast will be setting up portable communications setups to practice their skills of communications for when all else fails. &nbsp;</p> Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:00:00 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 45567 at Amateur Radio Field Day Headline: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Valentine’s Day is Friday, February </span>14<sup>th</sup><span style="line-height: 1.5;">.&nbsp; What will you do with your sweetie?&nbsp; The Treasure Coast offers many possibilities.&nbsp; Assuming you have more free time on a Saturday than on a Friday, postpone Valentine’s Day to February </span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">15</span><sup>th</sup><span style="line-height: 1.5;">.&nbsp; Start the day by watching the sun rise over the Atlantic.&nbsp; You can do it anywhere that’s on the ocean.&nbsp; &nbsp Mon, 10 Feb 2014 12:20:00 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 39415 at Energy from yard waste and such <P>A high-tech facility in southwestern Indian River County recently started generating electricity from yard waste and other non-food vegetation.&nbsp; Early in 2013, it will begin selling ethanol for motor vehicles.&nbsp; In America’s search for clean, renewable energy, this is a very big deal.&nbsp; It was even written up in The New York Times.&nbsp; The facility is called the INEOS New Planet Bio-Energy Center.&nbsp; It’s a joint venture of INEOS – that’s I-N-E-O-S for international ethylene-oxide sales, a chemical giant based in Europe – and New Planet Energy of California.&nbsp; The $1 Mon, 26 Nov 2012 12:20:00 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 19973 at It’s time for some dancing in Ft. Pierce <P>Dancing with our PALS will benefit the Ft. Pierce Police Athletic League.&nbsp; Ft. Pierce Police Sgt. Dennis McWilliams will be a participant, he tells us about the event.&nbsp;</P> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:25:02 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 17859 at Amateur Radio Field Day weekend <p>Local amateur radio clubs along the Treasure Coast&nbsp; will come together to present an Emergency Preparedness Expo and Training Exercise on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 in conjunction with the annual American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day.&nbsp; The American Radio Relay League Field Day event&nbsp; is focused on setting up temporary portable stations, running on emergency power, stay-at-home and mobile units are allowed to participate.&nbsp; The Public is also invited and encouraged to come out and see what amateur radio is all about.</p> Thu, 21 Jun 2012 18:44:57 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 12643 at Amateur Radio Field Day weekend Hunger increases among older Americans. <div class="tease"><span>While an increasing number of our elderly residents may be going hungry, the Treasure Coast Food Bank is making efforts to help with a mobile food bank.</span></div> Wed, 23 May 2012 12:02:21 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 11145 at FPL gets ready for hurricane season <p>The company unveils its new command center, built to&nbsp;withstand a category&nbsp;5 storm.</p> Wed, 16 May 2012 19:03:23 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 10815 at FPL gets ready for hurricane season Republican Candidate Joe Negron <p class="legacy-audio-url"> <div class="audio-container"> <div id="jp-interface-53d7e0d910055-" class="jp-interface"> <div id="post-audio-53d7e0d910055-" class="jp-player" jp-instance="53d7e0d910055-"></div> <div class="jp-controls column"> <div class="jp-progress"> <div class="jp-seek-bar"> <div class="jp-play-bar"></div> </div> </div><!-- end jp-progress --> </div><!-- end jp-controls --> <div class="playpause column"> <a href="" class="jp-play">Listen</a> <a class="jp-pause"></a> </div><!-- playpause --> <div class="jp-time-holder column"> <div class="jp-custom-current-time"></div> <div class="jp-custom-duration"></div> </div><!-- jp-time-holder --> <div id="slider"></div> </div><!-- .jp-interface --> </div><!-- container --> </p> <p>Treasure Coast – Republican Joe Negron is running for the state senate seat being vacated by Senator Ken Pruitt. We talk with him about his campaign.</p> Tue, 21 Jul 2009 16:05:46 +0000 Joe Lenartiene 2073 at