Ft, Pierce, FL – Drew Mello talks with Tim Brown and Lindsay Nickerson about the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center.

St. Lucie County – St. Lucie County health department celebrates it's 60th anniversary.

Ft. Pierce, FL – Drew Mello talks with Jane Rowley of the One Hundred Club of St. Lucie County.

The club provides assistance to emergency service officers injured or killed in the line of duty.

Their Officer of the Year banquet, which is a major fundraiser for the One Hundred Club, will be on Tuesday, May 13th at Gator Trace Country Club in Ft. Pierce.

Ft. Pierce – Drew Mello talks with Laura Alexander, Executive Director of the Treasure Coast Food Bank, about the drastic increase in the need for their services.

The TC Food Bank will be having their "Fete du Vin" fundraiser November 6th at Tradition.

For more information on the Treasure Coast Food Bank,go to

Ft. Pierce – White office paper and magazines can now go into large paper recycling bins on the Treasure Coast.

Rio, FL – You don't have to live in a rustic cabin to be environmentally friendly. Rufus and Melynda Wakeman's riverfront mansion in Martin County has been certified green, all 23,900 square feet of it. 

St. Lucie County –

Ft. Pierce, FL – Drew Mello speaks with Jann Widmayer of the Manatee Observation and Edcuation Center.

Vero Beach – Singer Judy Collins appears April 5 in Vero Beach for the Mental Health Association. She shares with us her personal struggle with thoughts of suicide as well as how she coped with the suicide of her son, Clark.

Ft. Pierce – Who would the fiesty author and anthropologist support this busy election year.

Ft. Pierce – The St. Lucie County School District receives a donation of 300 Spanish Language textbooks from Mexico to be used in St. Lucie County classrooms.

Port St. Lucie – St. Lucie County School Resource Officers practice reacting to having a shooter on the campus of Treasure Coast High School in Port St. Lucie.

Gifford – Jill Roberts visits the Gifford Youth Activity Center as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Gifford – Jill Roberts visits the Gifford Youth Activity Center as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Treasure Coast – Treasure Coast legislators talk with Jill Roberts about what they'd like to accomplish this legislative session.