This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about (cough cough) wildfires. Last month, the Florida Forest Service responded to 23 in our three counties. Sixteen were caused by lightning strikes. Some threw off lots of smoke. Less rainfall than normal this time of year was to blame. The most acreage burned was in Martin County’s Jones/Hungryland Wildlife Environmental area. One third of Florida’s population now live in places where structures are vulnerable to wildfires.

Arts Matter

Jul 10, 2015

Drew Mello talks with Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director of the Cultural Council of Indian River County.

The council will present their Summerfest concert, featuring musicians and soloists from around the world joined by the musicians of the Symphony of the Americas, on Thursday, August 6 at Christ by the Sea United Methodist Church in Vero Beach.

For more information about the Cultural Council of Indian River County click here:

St. Lucie County has a new notification system

Jul 9, 2015

St. Lucie County wants all residences to sign up for their new emergency notification system. Code Red notifies all residence whenever there is an emergency through cell phone, home phone or e-mail. Click here to register.   

Indian River County has a new system for alerting residents to emergency situations in the county.  You can sign up by clicking HERE.

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about a one-time lifeguard honored for his contributions to water safety.  More than 30 years ago, Vero Beach orthopedic surgeon Peter Wernicki watched over swimmers on the Jersey Shore.  Since then, he has pursued a second career devoted to preventing drownings.  Recently Wernicki, 56, received the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s 2015 Paragon Award.  Under his leadership, the American Red Cross and the U.S.