This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about the remarkable Idlette family.  On Saturday, Joe Idlette Jr., his wife Bernice and their progeny will be honored as the pioneer family of the year at the Vero Beach Heritage Center on 14th Avenue.  Writer Janie Gould tells their story in Indian River Magazine.  In the 1960s, Joe co-filed a federal lawsuit to integrate the public schools in Indian River County.  It took several years to get a favorable ruling.  In the meantime, the Ku Klux Klan talked of killing him.  Later, Joe was the first African American elected to the school boar

The moon is in its waxing gibbous phase. That’s when it looks egg-shaped; but give it a couple of more days and it will be all the way round and full. Last night it appeared nearby the planet Jupiter, what astronomers call a conjunction. It looks like the two are right next to each other, but of course, they’re not, it’s just a line-of-sight effect. Jupiter is several hundred million miles away, while the moon is just a scant 240,000 miles from us.

Drew Mello talks with Lou Tomasovic with the Treasure Coast Youth Sailing Foundation.

The foundation will offer one week beginner sailing classes for young people age eight through eighteen beginning on June 5, through August 4 at Jaycee Park in Fort Pierce.

For more information on the Treasure Coast Youth Sailing Foundation call 772-480-0654 or click here:

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Solar and lunar eclipses happen whenever the Earth, sun and moon line up. Solar eclipses happen at new moon, and lunar eclipses happen at full moon. The alignment has to be just about perfect, otherwise the shadows of the earth or moon never touch down upon the other. This coming summer, August 21st, there will be a total solar eclipse, but you’ll need to travel north or west to see it; from Florida it will appear only as a partial eclipse, which is interesting, but not spectacular. Indian River State College’s Hallstrom Planetarium will present a show about eclipses this weekend.

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is at peak activity the next two nights. These particular meteors are bits of dust from Halley’s Comet, plunging into our atmosphere at roughly 150,000 miles an hour, where they are vaporized, heating up the air around them and causing that momentary streak of light you see in the night sky. The best time to see this shower is from late evening until sunrise. If skies are free of interfering clouds or streetlights, go out starting near midnight. Face east and look up toward the top of the sky.

Take the Treasure Coast Transportation Survey

May 1, 2017

Transportation officials want your input on what it's like to get around on the Treasure Coast. Residents of Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties are invited to take the survey.  Find out more by clicking HERE.  If you'd rather call or participate by mail you can call (888)201-5226.

Top golfer at 102

May 1, 2017




Divide the year up into four parts or quarters. Each quarter is marked by the beginning of a new season. The quarter days of Summer and Winter are known as solstices, when the noontime sun reaches its highest or lowest altitude in the sky; while during the equinoxes of Spring and Autumn, nights and days are of fairly equal length. Now divide those seasons in half and you get cross-quarter days, the midpoints of each season. May 1st marks the cross-quarter day for Spring, called Beltane in the old Celtic calendar.

Drew Mello talks with John Nelson, President of Audubon of Martin County and the host of Audubon Moment heard here on WQCS.

Audubon of Martin County will be offering a special Audubon Field Academy for teachers in July.

For more information on Audubon of Martin County click here: