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Feb 6, 2013



Over the past 30 years, since WQCS began broadcasting, many things have changed both for the good and for the not so good.  The WQCS signal strength has grown and has expanded from one radio station to three by utilizing digital technology.     Listeners have grown to love and appreciate the fine programming that can be heard on WQCS.  Programming has changed through the years to include the finest programs that WQCS money can buy.  Unfortunately, funding has declined.  WQCS  recently lost funding from the state due to a gubernatorial veto and grants previously awarded by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting are in jeopardy of being diminished.

Over the past 30 years, however, there is one thing that has remained constant.  The generosity of WQCS members and local business support remains to be the largest source of funding for WQCS.   Each year, hundreds of WQCS members step up to make donations annually to support the programming enjoyed by thousands of listeners in our listening area. 

If you are a listener of WQCS but not yet a member, please call now to join our list of generous donors and take responsibility for supporting the programming that you enjoy daily.  Every gift adds up and every gift matters.  Operators are standing by to take your donation when you call now . 

(888) 286-8936 or make your secure donation by clicking HERE