WQCS Special Programs
1:17 pm
Wed August 29, 2012

Do you own an HD Radio ? Thinking of buying one ?

One of the problems is finding HD radios in local stores and finding knowledgeable staff to answer the questions you may have.  We've found our Local Best Buy store in Jensen beach to be well stocked and knowledgeable about their HD Radio inventory.  Currently, they have two models available for automotive installation.  They also have three models in the portable audio section.  One model is a hand held portable set that works with headphones only.  The second is a tabletop set that runs on batteries or AC power. The third is a CD Boom box model that runs off batteries or AC and includes an iPod/iphone Dock.  You can check availability near you by calling your local Best Buy store. 

If you have questions about your Radio, reception issues, or any other questions, please call 772-462-7872. We’ll be glad to help.   you can email your questions to info@irsc.edu  You can also let us know what inventory is available at your local store so that we can help others hear the expanded programming on WQCS.