To ensure safe boating

Jun 19, 2017

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about safe boating.  It’s true that “safe boating week” is behind us.  But every week on the Treasure Coast should be safe boating week.  Statewide in July 2016, there were a record 96 boating crashes and eight fatalities.  How can boaters practice safe boating on the ocean, our lagoon and our rivers?  Be carreful, of course.  Don’t drink and operate a vessel.  Take a safe-boating course.  This year, a special emphasis is being put on wearing a life jacket.  All the time you are on board.  Everyone.  Even those who are good swimmers.  Most of those who die in a boating incident are not wearing life jackets.  Think of life jackets on a boat as the equivalent of seat belts in a car.  Life jackets are not stylish?  Wear one that’s bright blue or camouflage.  I’m Paul Janensch.