Headline: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2014

  Valentine’s Day is Friday, February 14th.  What will you do with your sweetie?  The Treasure Coast offers many possibilities.  Assuming you have more free time on a Saturday than on a Friday, postpone Valentine’s Day to February 15th.  Start the day by watching the sun rise over the Atlantic.  You can do it anywhere that’s on the ocean.   Bring your breakfast with you – an orange, a muffin and a jug of coffee.  Then fish for pompano from the beach.  Or go kayaking on the Indian River Lagoon or one of its tributaries.  Or ride your bikes along the Fort Pierce waterfront.  Or take an eco-cruise on Blue Cypress Lake.  Or all of the above.  Lunch?  A table for two at one of our luxury restaurants with a water view.  Low tide will be in the early afternoon.  So go for a long stroll on the beach.  If the water is near 70, plunge into the surf.  Then put on dry clothes and watch the sun go down beyond the Indian River Lagoon.  Getting hungry?   Eat an elaborate Chinese dinner.  Why?  Because this year, the Chinese Lantern Festival, marking the end of the lunar New Year celebration, will be on February 14th.  We are postponing Valentine’s Day one day.  So we can do the same with the Chinese Lantern Festival.  Have fun!  For 88.9 FM, this is Paul Janensch.