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Janie Gould of WQCS is assistant producer and a major contributor to the content of “Florida Frontiers.” Her Floridays pieces, which originally aired on WQCS and are accessible at wqcs.org, continue to be a staple of the half-hour show.

“Florida Frontiers” is a combination of interview segments and pieces on history-based events, exhibits, activities, places and people in Florida. The show explores the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promotes awareness of heritage and cultural tourism options.

Gould’s topics range from the hyper-local, such as a “mom and pop” dairy in Vero Beach, to the regional, including a man who is known as Palm Beach’s only “two-legged historic landmark,” and stories with a statewide focus, such as pieces on such historic sites as the Edison and Ford estates in Fort Myers. She has received awards for her work from the Florida Historical Society and Associated Press.

“Florida Frontiers” is now heard on public radio stations in Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, and Melbourne, as well as WQCS. On WQCS, listen to it at 9 a.m. on HD2 or wqcs.org. The shows can be accessed any time at myfloridahistory.org.