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Janie Gould

The new Elliott Museum showcases art, technology and history. It sits on the site of the original Elliott, dubbed the "pink lady," on Hutchinson Island in Stuart.

Courtesy of Indian River magazine

At the height of the great land boom, Hobe Sound was dubbed Picture City. Stuart lawyer and writer Rick Crary wrote about it in the March 2013 issue of  Indian River magazine and talks about it here.

Goliath groupers were prized for their size

Feb 21, 2013

A scientist studying the species says sportsmen liked to catch them -- the bigger the better -- but the meat often was ground up for fertilizer or cat food, and sometimes the carcasses were used to hide illegal drugs.

Margie Williams still remembers the ice man handing out slivers of ice to children playing outdoors on hot summer days in Fort Pierce. 

Before Sonic, there was Miracle Mile Sundries

Feb 1, 2013

Dollie Rivenbark Thomas worked as a curb girl at the drive-in in the early 1950s. Unlike Sonic's servers, she didn't roller skate to customers' cars.

Tales from the Ocean Grill

Jan 25, 2013

Mary Ellen Replogle, whose family has operated the iconic eatery for nearly half a century, remembers knocking on doors  to collect diners' unpaid bills.  

Rancher James Alderman says some descendants of cows brought to Florida by Spaniards 500 years ago lived on the ranch in his grandfather's time.

Former rodeo trick rider shares memories

Jan 8, 2013

Sparky Dent could do a difficult maneuver known as Roman riding. She would stand with one foot in the saddle of one horse, and the other foot in the saddle of a second horse. She says the hard part was making sure the horses stayed together. 

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Kay Harvin, a Palm City author, has written about the legendary DeSoto County resident.

Pulp fiction writer once lived in Sebastian

Dec 10, 2012

Hugh Cave churned out more than 1,000 pieces of fiction before his death in 2004. Vero Beach author Milt Thomas has written a biography about him.

Centenarian says dancing has kept her going

Nov 15, 2012

Marjorie O'Quinn, who moved to Fort Pierce with her parents in 1924 when she was 12,  says square dancing especially gave her a good workout.   

Judson Minear, now of Palm City,  remembers a sign at the dairy that advised workers to talk to the cows "as they would their wife." 

Janie Gould

Darlene Dollins has a herd of Nigerian dwarf goats on her farm in Indian River County, and sells soap that she makes from their milk.

Janie Gould

The Toni Robinson Waterfront Trail includes a "green edge" of mangroves lining the Indian River lagoon.

Sebastian fish house a local fixture since 1949

Oct 11, 2012
Janie Gould

Judah & Sons is on the Indian River, which proprietor Bobby Judah says has changed dramatically since his father and grandfather started the business.