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Edwin Binney's great-granddaughter, Sally Chapman, tells the story.

Charlie was a fisherman accused of  a killing in which the body was burned in an oil drum. 

That was decades before 2-liter plastic containers hit the market. Business at the local plant started booming during World War II, when thousands of military personnel were stationed nearby.

No one's sure how Vero got its name

Apr 12, 2007

But it might have been derived from the pen name of a letter writer to an early newspaper. The  person signed letters as Veritas, which is the Latin word for truth. Pam Cooper of the Indian River County Library is investigating that and other possibilities, some of which she has debunked.

Remembering Backus Boats in Fort Pierce

Apr 8, 2007

Tommy Taylor says the company made landing craft during World War II. Some of the boats were shipped to Washington and then sent back to Fort Pierce where they were used in military training on the beaches.