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Remembering Vero Beach's 'Crackertown' community

Jan 3, 2011

A Vero Beach man reminisces fondly about the neighborhood east of the railroad tracks where he grew up. 

Tuba players hit it right with male gators

Jan 2, 2011

Journalist and author Jeff Klinkenberg took two tuba players to Gatorland to test a theory that alligators  respond enthusiastically to one particular musical note.

Remembering sea turtles in the family's pool

Oct 10, 2010

Pat Smith of Vero Beach said she and other kids would sometimes hold on to a turtle and get a free ride. Her family's pool was also a popular site for full-immersion baptisms.

After 30-year-old Estes Wright was fatally beaten on a Fort Pierce street in 1935, all records of his death vanished. Now, writer Jean Ellen Wilson has uncovered some facts about what happened to him.

Janie Gould

As many as 4,000 cows are run through the market on sale day.

The notorious mobster was living in Miami Beach when FBI agent Bill Murphy, now of Vero Beach, was assigned to watch him.  

Coyotes no longer just in the Wild West

Aug 7, 2010

They've been seen in New York's Central Park and downtown Chicago, and are believed to prey on sea turtle eggs on Treasure Coast beaches.

No, it isn't Ponce de Leon, but rather a Spanish explorer named Pedro Menendez, who came to the New World with orders from the king to drive out the French. Renowned historian Dr. Eugene Lyon discusses Menendez' life and accomplishments.   

Journalist and author Craig Pittman says media exposure caused attitudes about the manatee to change.  

Citrus grower Ken Kennedy says some tourists would stop at his Vero Beach store and ask how far it was to "Florida," meaning Miami.

VNA of the Treasure Coast leader Ann Marie McCrystal encountered the woman and the boy during her student nursing days.

Farmer says pigs are better food source than cows

Jul 9, 2010

That's because nearly the entire body of a pig can be utilized.

Whiticar family collection

Just as the sailfish was being reeled in, the shark jumped out of the water and managed to bite the sailfish in half. Curtis Whiticar of Martin County tells the story. 

Jack Favorite, a retired firefighter and active member of the St. Lucie County Historical Society, wrote a book about growing up in the 1950s.

Maurice O'Sullivan of Rollins College says the Bard's work still resonates with students.