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In the early 1920, Dr. Harry Hipson moved back to Jacksonville when he learned that Stuart had electricity only on Wednesday afternoons. He returned to Stuart about a year later, as soon as he was able to plug in his drill. His son, Dr. Dale Hipson, also a dentist, tells the story.

Reporters from all over the country descended on the St. Lucie County courthouse in 1961, when a judge from Palm Beach County stood trial for masterminding the murder of another judge. Stuart lawyer Rick Crary wrote about the case recently for Indian River magazine.   

Janie Gould

Snyder describes the hill as a parabolic dune that was part of the area's ancient coastline.   

Stan Harbourt, who worked as a station agent for Eastern at the Vero Beach airport, calls the midday flight from Miami the "noon balloon." Besides passengers, it carried copies of the morning Miami Herald for local delivery.

Hilda Harbourt also recalls the intricacies of transmitting telegrams in Japanese when baseball teams from Japan played at Dodgertown after the war.

Remembering 'golden age' of fishing

Jan 1, 2012

New depth finders developed in the late 1940s improved  snapper fishing, says a former commercial fisherman in Fort Pierce.

That was before Northern fir trees were available locally. Indian River County native Stan Tippin remembers sand pines instead.

Local dairy churned out truckloads of egg nog

Dec 17, 2011

A retired dairyman says the rich drink was a huge seller, but only between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

The last straw came when he couldn't get his guava-laden truck across the steep wooden bridge over the Indian River.  Grandson Bill Harp of Winter Beach tells the story. 

Janie Gould

These students, who had visited Florida Power & Light's Barley Barbour Swamp a few months earlier, were able to see seasonal changes when they returned in the fall.