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Martin County named for boomtime governor

Jun 7, 2010
Library of Congress

John W. Martin was governor during the 1920s, when local boosters hoped to turn Stuart into a major port city. Stuart lawyer Rick Crary discusses Martin and how the county was


His name was William Collins, but everyone knew him as "Pogy Bill." Now, a history buff has written and recorded a song about him.

They attach radio collars to the big cats to track their movements and behavior.

But after a campaign was mounted and 10,000 people signed petitions, the state acquired the beach  for continued use by the public, as the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park.  Surfer and shop owner Spunky Strunk reminisces.

Bill Oughterson said his father's poker game in downtown Stuart was interrupted briefly by the noise from the German submarine's attack on a freighter.   

Richard Milton Jones lived on land along the Indian River that his grandfather homesteaded in the 19th century.

Dr. Hugh McCrystal, now retired, said he saw the group of armed white men outside the hospital in the mid-1960s. The blacks in Gifford cancelled the march. 

Dr. George Porter's life has been chronicled by Stuart writer Alice Luckhardt. 

That was in the late 1940s. The inlet wasn't dredged during the war years, to prevent access by German U-boats.

Dr. Roxanne Connelly of the University of Florida's Medical Entomology Research Laboratory in Vero Beach, estimates there are "billions upon billions" of mosquitoes in the Sunshine State.

The radio show on an AM station in Stuart is credited with easing the path to school integration in the late 1960s.  

Some stores in Vero Beach gave discounts to teachers during that era.

Citrus consultant Paul Driscoll talks about one man's odyssey that led him to plant grapefruit in Florida.

Florida Memory Project

It was in the late 1940s when Roy Schick, newly arrived in Vero Beach,  tried to drink iced tea made with the odorous well water.

Janie Gould

The Russell House, built in 1875 or earlier, is the oldest still standing in St. Lucie County. It's been undergoing a restoration.