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Eddie Hudson also remembers hunting birds to add to his family's rice pot for dinner. He says times were hard but life was good when he was growing up in the 1940s and 50s.

Janie Gould

The find stirred renewed interest in the Vero Man archeological site.

Tommy Gore says it wasn't unusual for divers to bring up hundreds of pounds of silver a day during that era.

Sexton's Mountain once rose in Vero Beach

Jun 8, 2009
Sexton family collection, Archive Center, Indian River County main library

Waldo Sexton adorned the dig pile of fill dirt with tiles, statuary and a pair of thrones. Sean Sexton talks about the mountain and its ultimate fate. 

Remembering a beer-drinking bull

Jun 5, 2009

Beverly Tyson used to hand-feed calves sometimes, and once rescued a newborn calf that was about to roll into a drainage ditch near her pasture.

Archive Center. Indian River County Main Library

In the 1950s, Wodtke's Department Store sold lots of white gloves to women, and hats to men and women. Women also bought bathing caps. Kay Wodtke Trent tells the story. 

Berggren's Hobby Shop opened its doors as a dime store during the Great Depression.

Cold War: Counties planned for the worst

May 4, 2009

Indian River County designated a site for mass burials. Roy Howard Jr. wrote the county's disaster plan.

Janie Gould

Pioneer businessman Axel Hallstrom left a voluminous written record of his life, including a meticulous day book. Archivist Marian Newbold and a team of Swedish-speaking

translators have been studying the papers, some of which were found in coat pockets and dresser drawers. 

Sarah Prado's grandfather, Sam Coutant, is credited with printing Stuart's first regular publication.

Dallas Yates, now retired, was hired by the Indian River County sheriff in the early 1960s.

Alice Walters Wallace talked about growing up during Miami's boom years in this interview recorded in 2009. She died in 2013 at the age of 90. 

Remembering an old-Florida tourist camp

Mar 3, 2009
Indian River County Historical Society, Archive Center, Indian River County Library

The proprietor says some guests came for the season with "two shirts and $20."