Indian River County

Indian River County has a new system for alerting residents to emergency situations in the county.  You can sign up by clicking HERE.

Indian River County now joins neighboring counties in the effort.

Find out about pet-friendly shelters in your area here.

Local couple trapped otters to raise household cash

Jun 20, 2012

Indian River County native Edna MacPherson and her late husband shipped otter skins to Northern markets, where they were made into coats and hats. They made enough money that way to buy a couple of appliances for their home and pay for a power hook-up from Vero Beach.

Melba Campbell says slaughtering pigs taught her not to be afraid of the sight of  blood or "messy things."     

That was before Northern fir trees were available locally. Indian River County native Stan Tippin remembers sand pines instead.

Local dairy churned out truckloads of egg nog

Dec 17, 2011

A retired dairyman says the rich drink was a huge seller, but only between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

The last straw came when he couldn't get his guava-laden truck across the steep wooden bridge over the Indian River.  Grandson Bill Harp of Winter Beach tells the story.