After Irma

Florida's public radio stations, including WQCS take a look back at massive Hurricane Irma and how the state is dealing with what the winds and rain left behind.

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The Treasure Coast Food Bank Helps Post Irma

Treasure Coast Food Bank is delivering water, ice, food and other essentials to people across its four-county service area where some of Hurricane Irma's earliest feeder bands caused flooding and displaced residents. Find out more by clicking HERE. You can also find the Treasure Coast Food Bank on Facebook.

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One Killed In Nashville, Tenn., Church Shooting

18 minutes ago

One person was killed and eight others were wounded during a shooting at a church in Antioch, Tenn. Sunday morning. Police in Nashville say nine people were shot when a gunman opened fire at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

Merkel Victorious In Germany's National Election

42 minutes ago

Chancellor Angela Merkel is in position to rule for a fourth term, according to early exit polls in Germany's national election, which also saw voters send the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) to Germany's Parliament, the Bundestag.

Preliminary results show German voters gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a mandate for a fourth term today, but with far fewer votes than needed for her to govern without forming a coalition.

Merkel had campaigned on her record as a highly respected leader not only in Germany, but internationally as well as record low unemployment and strong economic growth. But German unhappiness over her refugee policy that allowed more than a million asylum seekers into the country since 2015 was something she never fully recovered from.

The weekend saw an escalation in the war of words between Washington and Pyongyang, complete with a U.S. show of military might over the waters near North Korea and jitters over what seismologists say was an earthquake near a North Korean nuclear test site.

When it comes to brownie recipes, one would usually expect to hear ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate. But one woman dished out a most unusual addition – a heavy serving of infidelity. It all started when The New York Times published Katharine Hepburn's Brownies Recipe two years ago.

Last week in the Russia imbroglio: Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, got some bad news; members of Congress put social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, under the interrogation lights; and with all these many lawyers now running around — the meter is running too.

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They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. But for Ray Halbritter, it was more a case of, "if you want something done at all."

Halbritter, the CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises, wasn't seeing stories by or about Native Americans in mainstream media outlets, and on the rare occasion those places did try to write about indigenous people, the stories often got distorted.

If Senate Republicans vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act this week, it would affect the health care of pretty much every American.

Here's a recap of four key flash points in the health overhaul debate with links to NPR coverage over the past six months, and our chart laying out how the Graham-Cassidy bill under consideration in the Senate addresses those issues compared with the Affordable Care Act.

Last year, Harrison Browne was done with the National Women's Hockey League, retiring at age 23 in order to undergo hormone therapy and surgery as part of his physical gender transition.

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc spent nearly four years shooting portraits of — and collecting stories about — women from around the world.

The product of her vision — and her travels to 50 countries — can be seen in her book The Atlas Of Beauty, hitting shelves Tuesday.

The project, she says, began as something "very genuine and sincere" that she financed, initially, with her own savings — and by being frugal in her backpacking adventure. She later crowd-funded, including a Facebook campaign in March.


Treasure Coast Weather from The FPREN Storm Center

This Week's Treasure Coast Essay

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about local news coverage of Hurricane Irma.  I record commentaries for WQCS and write guest columns for Treasure Coast Newspapers, but I can still be objective.  And, objectively speaking, I say both outfits did an outstanding job.  The website for Treasure Coast Newspapers, which are part of the USA Today Network, and the one for WQCS, which is part of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, provided the latest news and public-safety information. removed its paywall so that non-subscribers could access its stories.  Links

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