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Drew Mello talks with Jim Parks with the Gifford Youth Orchestra. The Gifford Youth Orchestra provides education, training, and on-stage experience in the performing arts, with a core focus on Classical Music and stringed instruments. The orchestra’s annual concert celebration, "The Magic of 13 Years,” will take place on Saturday, November 5 at 2 p.m. at the Gifford Community Center. For more information on the Gifford Youth Orchestra click here:
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This summer, we asked Floridians about the biggest issues on their minds this election season. Over the next few weeks, public radio stations across the state will be looking at the top five answers to that question, in stories about the environment, education, the economy and more. Decision FL was brtoadcast live at 1pm on WQCS HD2, with a rebroadcast on WQCS and HD1 at 6pm. This election program is a state collaborative and originated out of the WLRN studios in Miami.

A tour bus and tractor-trailer collided outside of Palm Springs, Calif., on Sunday morning, injuring dozens of people and reportedly killing at least 7 passengers.

The Desert Sun, citing a California Highway Patrol officer, reports that at least 11 people have died. Other media reports say the death toll may be higher.

Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" is an easy one to adapt for whatever your cause. There are ones like "Make America Gay Again," "Make America Skate Again," "Make America Read Again," "Make America Fair Again." You get the idea.

Bakers, of course, had to get in on the action. How could you pass up "Make America Cake Again"?

Astronauts used the International Space Station's robotic arm to grapple the Cygnus cargo spacecraft early Sunday morning, starting the process of bringing more than 5,100 pounds of supplies and research equipment aboard. The cargo's experiments include one thing astronauts normally avoid: fire.

"The new experiments include studies on fire in space, the effect of lighting on sleep and daily rhythms, collection of health-related data, and a new way to measure neutrons," NASA says.

Moshe the cat lives in an old brick house in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. His owner, Cassandra Slack, moved in a little more than a year ago.

The first floor feels open and airy. Large windows bring a flood of light inside, making the original hardwood floors shine.

But downstairs, in the basement where Slack lives, the atmosphere is different. The floor is carpeted, the lights are dim, and the ceiling is low.

Slack had an eerie experience down here when she first moved in.

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At Ord Community Commissary near Monterey, Calif., there's fresh produce when you first walk in, ice cream, and meat in the back.

"Oh, we've got everything. We have lamb, we have veal," says Commissary Officer Alex King who manages the store. "Sushi is a big hit here. The customers are very much appreciative of that."

What makes the commissary different from a regular grocery store is who shops here – military troops, retirees and their families – and the savings they receive at the checkout counter.


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Treasure Coast Weather from The FPREN Storm Center

This Week's Treasure Coast Essay

Underwater eye

Oct 17, 2016

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about the new high-tech holographic microscope camera.  It’s being developed at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce, a division of Florida Atlantic University.  The camera will allow researchers to watch microscopic creatures and particles in 3-D and real time in the Indian River Lagoon and other bodies of water.  They will able to keep an eye on blue-green algae – where it comes from and how it blooms.  The project is funded by a $900,000 federal grant.  The camera will weigh 60 to 70 pounds and be about the size of a duff

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