Good year for sea turtles

Mar 20, 2017

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about the number of loggerhead sea-turtle nests counted in 2016.  It set a record!  Both state-wide and in our area.  Niki Desjardin with Ecological Associates says 122,000 loggerhead nests were counted statewide, and 27,000 were counted on the Treasure Coast.  The number of nests laid by green turtles and leatherbacks was down a bit in 2016 but is expected to be higher in 2017, while the number of loggerhead nests is expected to dip.  The nesting season began March 1 and continues until November 1.  Let’s keep those numbers high.  Remember to turn off or shield lighting that shines on the beach.  No flashlights.  Do not go near nesting turtles.  When you leave the beach, remove furniture and fill in deep holes.  I’m Paul Janensch.