IRSC honored

May 22, 2017

This is Paul Janensch with a Treasure Coast Essay about an honor bestowed on Indian River State College.  It was named one of three finalists of distinction for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.  The winner was Lake Area Institute in Watertown, South Dakota.  The other finalist was Broward College in Fort Lauderdale.  IRSC will receive a $100,000 award for its achievements.  One is extreme affordability.  Another is making students ready for the next step.  More than 90 percent of the graduates land jobs quickly or continue their education.  I spend time on the campus and am impressed by the intelligence and poise of the students.  Were I an employer in this area, I would gladly hire them.  Maybe someday Indian River State College will win the Aspen Prize.  I’m Paul Janensch.