Tradition never graduates

May 19, 2014

The girls lacrosse team at Vero Beach High School has a slogan.  “Tradition never graduates.”  We can see that it sure did NOT graduate in 2013 because on May 4, 2014, the Vero Beach girls won their ninth straight state title.  Playing in Bradenton, they started slow against an aggressive Ponte Vedra.  In fact, Ponte Vedra was the first to score.  Then, after tightening its defense, Vero Beach pulled ahead 3-2 and never looked back.  Final score: Vero Beach 13, Ponte Vedra 6.  The Vero Beach girls finished the year 21 and 3.  The losses were to nationally ranked out-of state-teams.  The Fighting Indians have won 128 consecutive games against Florida opponents.  These dedicated athletes have been playing lacrosse since middle-school, and they all play club lacrosse in the off-season between May and January.  Women’s lacrosse has 12 players on a team.  Using a long stick with a net on the end, they catch, carry and pass a solid rubber ball and try to hurl it into the opponent’s goal.  This year’s roster at Vero Beach included 12 juniors and two sophomores.  Eight will be returning starters next season.  Several were among the team’s statistical leaders this year.  So there is a good chance the team’s winning tradition will continue in 2015.  For 88.9 FM, this is Paul Janensch.