Jill Roberts looks at issues of interest to the Treasure Coast. 

Pets are not allowed at shelter run by the American Red Cross.  In Martin County you can register for your pet to go to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast but you do need to preregister.  You can find them on the web by clicking  HERE



It's important to preregister for you county's special needs shelter.  Find out more about the shelter in your area by clicking below.

Palm Beach County-561-712-6400

Martin County-772-287-1652

St. Lucie County- 772-462-8100

Bones Of Bison Antiquus Found At Old Vero Man Site

May 5, 2016

After three years of excavation, the Old Vero Man archeological site is starting to give up its secrets.  You can find out more about the site by clicking HERE.

Lake Okeechobee And The Indian River Lagoon

May 4, 2016

Amy Green reports on the connection between Lake Okeechobee and the health of the Indian River Lagoon.

Muck In The Indian River Lagoon

May 4, 2016

Amy Green of WMFE examines the muck that exists in much of the Indian River Lagoon.

The Health Of The Indian River Lagoon

May 4, 2016


Organ Donation Awareness

May 4, 2016

  Jill Roberts talks with Dr. Neerja Agrawal of Cleveland Clinic Florida Transplant Center.  You can find out more about organ transplants by clicking HERE.

Searching For Hobe Sound Resident Tricia Todd

May 4, 2016

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder updates the investigation into Tricia Todd's disappearance.  

A Conversation With Paula Poundstone

Apr 4, 2016

Paula Poundstone will be at The Lyric Theater in Stuart on April 16.  She took a few minutes to share a laugh with Jill Roberts.  You can find out more by clicking HERE.

You can find out more about the registery and inherited colorectal cancers by clicking  HERE.